Cecilie Copenhagen

For CECILIE copenhagen, it all started with a night out, with nothing to wear. A familiar situation sparked the idea that is now CECILIE copenhagen. Made from two keffiyeh scarves sewn together, 18-year-old Cecilie created an outfit. After countless compliments that night, Cecilie decided to experiment with other garments, inspired by the keffiyeh print. A characteristic keffiyeh print and new silhouettes became our well-known pieces, Shirt-O & Shirt-V + shorts. CECILIE copenhagen was established shortly after.

The characteristic keffiyeh scarf is a combination of 3 patterns, each symbolizing different aspects from the region. The olive leaves (the zig zag pattern) represent strength, resilience and perseverance. The fishnet pattern represents affinity towards the sailors and the connection with the Mediterranean Sea. The bold stripe pattern represents trade routes, symbolizing a long history of merchants, travel and cultural exchange.

Cecilie Copenhagen - Emily Blouse - Lime
Cecilie Copenhagen - Liv Dress - Black/Oak
Cecilie Copenhagen - Pernille Dress - Black
Cecilie Copenhagen - Courtney - Piggy
Cecilie Copenhagen - Dress 2 O Short Sleeve - Black/Oak
Cecilie Copenhagen - Dress 2 O Long Sleeve - Cloud
Cecilie Copenhagen - Shirt O No Sleeves - Lime/Cream
Cecilie Copenhagen - Trousers - Black/Oak
Cecilie Copenhagen - Trousers - Camel/Red
Cecilie Copenhagen - Shirt V Long Sleeve - Black/Oak
Cecilie Copenhagen - Liv Dress - Tangerine
Cecilie Copenhagen - Souzarica Dress - Green
Cecilie Copenhagen - Stine Dress - Ocean Blue
Cecilie Copenhagen - Ester Shirt - Tangerine
Cecilie Copenhagen - Shirt O No Sleeves - Tangerine