Binny - Sail Away Cuff Knit - Red/White

We're not sailing away anywhere just right now except with Enya on the sofa. But like a diet what you can't have, you just want more. So while we are in lock down, dream on. About new fun adventures & all the things you will be doing as soon as this is all over.


So keep as your mantra, fun & relaxed. We've also delivered this kindly to you in jumper form in this fun & relaxed crewneck knit & these re worked lyrics to sing along to Enya's 'Sail Away'.


From the Bedroom to the Loo, in the trackies of the Lady

From Loo to the Teeth and the Time for Vitamin D

From the Deck around Backyard, feel the extra Hot Cross Buns

From Homeschoolie to Doggie Walky, far out is it Dinner yet


Watch Telly, Watch Telly, Watch Telly

Watch Telly, Watch Telly, Watch Telly



Oversized Cotton Knit Jumper (Not as oversized as shown)

Roll Back Cuffs

Size Down for a more fitted look