Normann Copenhagen - Brilliant Box Large - Dark Red

  • $75.00
This radiant Brilliant Box large was designed by Simon Legald for the Danish label Normann.

Normann was formed in Copenhagen in 1999 to create home furniture, lighting and accessories. Items such as the Swing Vase and the renowned Norm 03 Lampshade are fine examples of the company's playful sense of innovation. In 2014, its Copenhagen shop was featured on the New York Times's list of 12 shopping treasures of Europe. Along with products designed by the founders, the firm featurs the work of famed designers, including Ole Jensen and Jesper K. Thomsen who created the 'New Danish Modern' collection.

Both the colour and shape of the Brilliant Box large draw inspiration from faceted precious stones. The result is a handy and stylish storage unit for jewellery, coins, cosmetics and other knick knacks. Crafted from glass and available in a range of rich and vibrant colours, it features a patterned body with a transparent lid that allows easy viewing of the contents. The box measures 12.2cm in length, 12.2cm in width and has a height of 5.1cm. Practical and attractive, the Brilliant Box large makes a perfect storage unit for use in bedrooms, bathrooms and livings rooms.